Language services

As a professional translator, I have excellent skills in the Swedish language as well as the necessary experience needed to create a text where the message is clear for the addressee. Regardless of the purpose of your text, it is also important that the text is grammatically correct in order for you, the sender of the text, to give a professional impression on the reader. Therefore, it is often worthwhile to let a language expert fine-tune the text before it reaches the intended addressee. It is always a good idea to let a second pair of eyes look at the text before submitting the final version, as one often becomes blind to one’s own text and does not see the mistakes that might have slipped into it.

If you want to sharpen your message, make a good impression on the reader and ensure that your text works well for its purpose, I can help you with the following:

  • Proofreading: Editing of Swedish texts in order to ensure correct spelling, grammar, aspect, punctuation, division etc. Quality control of translations from English, in order to ensure that the Swedish text is grammatically correct and that it conforms to the English one.
  • Editing: Improvement of Swedish texts in order to make the message clearer and more fluent. For example, this can involve changes in wordings, elimination of repetitions, improvements of the disposition of the text, adaptation of language and style for the intended reader.
  • Summary: Adaptation of longer Swedish texts into shorter summaries and new areas of use.

Please feel free to contact me and explain what your exact need is, and we will agree upon a solution that suits you!

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