Advice when buying translation services

You as a customer can contribute to an even better text. By helping me with the below, it will be easier for me to adapt the text to its desired purpose and outcome.

  • Explain the purpose of the text. Will the text be used for internal or external communication, for marketing purposes or does it have any other area of use?
  • Describe the intended readers and their expected knowledge on the subject. Is the text, for example, intended to reach a general public with limited knowledge in the field or to professionals who are already well acquainted with the subject?
  • Share printed matters, previous translations or other reference texts where the correct terminology for the subject area in question is applied.
  • The final text will turn out at its very best if the translator gets the possibility to “pause” from it a couple of days before final proofreading. Then there is room for the fine-tuning that lifts the text even further. For this reason, some forward planning is desirable. Furthermore, it is advantageous if the period between order and deadline is not too tight.


I apply different prices for different services. The prices may also differ depending on how tight the deadline is, how specialized the text is and how much research is required. For this reason, it would be helpful if you let me see the text before I give you a price for the assignment. For translations, I normally charge a set price/word in the source text, in some cases I invoice on an hourly rate. For larger projects, you also have the possibility to get a fixed total price. Regardless of which of the alternatives we agree upon, you will always get a quotation with the total price for the assignment before the work begins. In this way, you can always be sure that no unforeseen costs will arise in the course of the work.

You are welcome to contact me for a quotation!

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