Reasons for choosing me as your language service provider

To choose me as your language service provider means that you will get a personal contact where the communication is direct and smooth. Our collaboration is characterized by high flexibility and minimal administration. Additionally, you can take part in the project and submit requests as the work progresses, if you wish.

For me, the customer and quality is of highest priority at all times. My translations and texts are always of high quality and I never finish an assignment until I am completely satisfied with the result. I am a reliable and accurate co-worker, where you as a customer can trust that I complete the task we have agreed upon and that I deliver on time.

Through my education and professional experience, I am used to offering my customers outstanding service and planning the tasks in order to meet set deadlines. To be perceptive of the customer’s preferences is another natural part of my work in order to be able to deliver what the customer expects.

My knowledge of how to adapt the target text into the style and language of the source text as well as my lifelong love for languages, reading and writing are other essential aspects of myself that will ensure you are satisfied with my translations and texts.

Said about me

“I have enjoyed working with Ulrika since the first day. Her work is high quality and she shows great flexibility in order to reach changing deadlines.”
Anders Enevoldsen, Boozt

“It was really good. The language is modern and well varied.”
“You use an appropriate language for the historical novels.”
“Very good!”
Editors, Harper Collins

Education and professional experience

I have a Master of Arts in translation from English to Swedish, a Bachelor’s degree in English as well as university credits in Swedish and creative writing, which adds up to almost four years of full time language studies at university. In addition to my translation and language degrees, I also hold a Bachelor of Social Science with business as main subject.

Before I became a translator, I worked with auditing and accounting for several years. For the most part, I worked in auditing firms, but I have also been an employee of the European Commission in Brussels where I worked with accounting during seven years. In those employments, I also worked a lot with texts of different kinds, such as routine descriptions, reports and translations.

I am a member of Sveriges Facköversättarförening, SFÖ (The Swedish Association of Professional Translators) and Översättarcentrum, ÖC (Swedish association of experienced independent translators of fiction and non-fiction). Board member of Översättarcentrum (ÖC).

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